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Dr. LEVY | 3Deep Cleanser (150ml)


More than your usual cleanser, the 3Deep™ Cell Renewal Micro- Resurfacing Cleanser is a triple-action powerhouse that has been rewarded with nearly 20 accolades. It adapts to all skin types and can be used alternatively as a gentle cleanser, an intensive exfoliator and a skin-renewing FastMask™.

Key Benefits

Organic rice micro-beads removes impurities and unclog pores without damaging the skin’s

protective abilities. 

  • Glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), helps dissolve the intercellular cement from superficial dead skin cells, without harming the skin. It powerfully clears pores, promotes the sloughing of toxin-filled dead skin cells and enhances cells oxygenation, effectively encouraging skin cell renewal.
  • Lactic acid, another star AHA, helps combat inflammation and has shown effective moisturising and water-holding properties, helping soften skin lines and reduce imperfections.
  • Sodium PCA helps dramatically retain water in the superficial skin layer, smoothing microlines and softening the skin complexion.

Please note: Product formulations are updated periodically. Therefore, the ingredient lists on this website may differ from the product packaging. Please refer to your product packaging for accurate ingredient lists. Clients with prior history of sensitivity or allergic reaction to this product or any of its ingredients should not use it.

How to use

Apply one pearl of cleanser on the skin. Massage energetically in circular movements until

the product thickens into a cream. Remove with lukewarm water while protecting the eyes.

For a gentle cleansing ritual, apply on wet skin. For a more intensive exfoliation, apply on dry

skin. At the end of both rituals, you can leave on up to 5 minutes as a FastMaskTM before

rinsing, so as to maximize both the treatment’s detoxifying and cellular-renewing benefits.

Avoid the eye contour area. Patch before using as a FastMaskTM.

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