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Dr. LEVY | Eye Booster Concentrate (15ml)


This targeted treatment harnesses the unique powers of the brand’s patented stem cell complex to repair, rejuvenate and transform the delicate eye area inside-out. A true Medi-Luxe® magic potion, this ultra-light elixir is a true wonder work that restructures the eye contour within minutes, while regenerating eye contour skin from within.

As soon as the silky serum touches the skin, the eye area feels an immediate soft, yet tightening effect. Within minutes, the Concentrate’s blend of alfalfa plant extracts, white lupin proteins and caffeine noticeably diminish puffiness, visibly lifting and re-contouring tired looking eyes.

Key Benefits

Within minutes, our proprietary cocktail of caffeine, natural white lupin proteins and Alfalfa

extracts visibly decrease puffiness and lift the eye contour. Clinical tests have shown fine

lines decreasing by 40% 15 minutes after application, softening tired-looking eyes.

Our exclusive ArganCDVTM helps to uniquely revitalise dermal stem cells in vitro, source of

all collagen and elastin, and helps combat chronological ageing. Within weeks, fine lines &

wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin noticeably regains its youthful firm and plump vitality.

Ultra-concentrated Niacinamide, also called vitamin B3, targets blemishes and imperfections

to rebuild an even-looking complexion.

  • Malus Domestica renews the protective epidermis layers, regenerates damaged skin cells, and reveals a healthier, more radiant texture.
  • The encapsulated multi-vitamin complex (A+C+E), infused with alpine cloudberry antioxidants, neutralise free radicals and protect against pro-inflammatory damages.
  • Tripeptides and hyaluronic acids, strengthened by Provitamin B5, attract and capture moisture, offering a needle-free remodeling of the face and eye contour areas. The skin feels firmer, like reconstructed from within, regaining with a surprising new bounce.
  • Omega fatty acids (3+6+9), combined with aloe vera, durably soothe the skin and support the formula’s intense regenerative powers.
  • Natural probiotics protect the skin’s ecosystem and boost the skin’s natural defense mechanism against opportunist bacteria and toxins.
How to use

Apply one mini-pearl of the concentrate (the size of half-a-grain of rice only) on clean skin.

Using your fingertips, smooth in gently all around the eye contour (including eyelids), always

from the inside towards the outside of the eye.

Leave it 30 to 60 seconds (the “sticky minute”) until it is fully absorbed, leaving the skin silky soft.

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