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MEDER | Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream (15ml)

Anti-ageing Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream is for you if you’re prone to dryness or have noticed wrinkles in your eye area. Free of irritants, it is microbiome friendly and based on new peptides, organic oils and probiotic to help minimise fine lines and hydrate deeply, so your eye skin is left silky smooth.
Directions For Use

Wash your face and use serum as usual. If you’re using any of Meder Beauty Science targeted care, apply concentrate and mask before the eye cream, too. Apply a small amount of Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream to the eye area, massage gently with your fingertips until absorbed. Use daily, morning and night. If you feel that you need more active eye care, precede with Blepharo-Light Eye Cream.

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